People Come and Go But True Friends Are Forever

There’s really nothing like making a new friend. Making new friends gives me a high that drugs or alcohol never could. I thrive in social settings because I am the definition of an extrovert. So making friends is something that comes naturally. However, it wasn’t always so easy for me. As you now know from my last post, I used to have major social anxiety. In fact, when I was younger I would always consider people way younger than me or decades older than me, my friends. To me, the definition of a friend was: someone you can be yourself around. And I always felt more myself around people who were not my age.


When my mom’s friends would come over I would get so excited. I could always talk to them about new boys I liked or what school was like, or ask them why friends my age were acting weird. The moms always had the answers that I wanted to hear. Knowing I had people older than me that could guide me through life’s challenges was something that always put my racing mind at ease. I knew I could always talk to them about whatever I wanted and they wouldn’t judge me. One of my mom’s friends in particular became like a mother figure to me. This actually happened often with the moms I would talk to. I was very fortunate to have very strong and insightful women as role models in my life. Anyways, after lots of advice on how to make friends, I started to make new friends along my journey.


My best friend all growing up was a girl named Harper. Harper and I would do everything together. I would ride on her handlebars. We would sing and make up songs together, skip dive team together and hide in the bathrooms and we would even write each other letters that were in a code we made up together. Nothing could stop us when we were together. Harper didn’t care what people thought of her. She lived in the moment and with no regrets. I always admired that about her. I also had another friend named Maddie. Maddie was incredibly smart. She knew everything about music, art, politics and really just everything. Even at a young age I knew that Maddie could outsmart just about anybody and it was no problem for her. She taught me so many things about life that I would have never known. Maddie was always there when I needed someone to talk to about what I was feeling and I learned I can be myself and should always be myself from her.


As I grew older and I hit my teenage years, I became friends with a girl named Morgan. She was unlike anyone I had ever met. She was super girly and loved makeup, and was really good at applying it, but also had a rougher side that spoke the truth and didn’t take shit from anyone. Morgan was outspoken and people didn’t always treat her with the compassion that she deserved. I always saw something in her that was unique and special. She was kind and cared about me and wanted me to be happy and when things got hard for me, she never let me down. I remember we would have sleepovers and make up dances to Chris Brown songs, dye our hair pink (temporarily), and talk about boys. Morgan was the first friend that taught me that life is a party, and you should always embrace it with music and good friends!


I made more friends once I got into high school. I had my friends, then I had people I talked to in my classes who were more like acquaintance. Then I had friends in chorus: Lauren, Jenaya, Ariella.


Lauren was soo talented and when we would sing together I would always hear her voice and think it was the prettiest sound ever. She was always tough and quirky and I appreciated how she never let other’s opinions get her down when she would make wild decisions. I always wished I could live as freely as she did. Even when people were judgmental of her, she was so poised in how she carried herself that none of it really mattered. She was also incredibly beautiful inside and out and was friends instantly with anyone she came into contact with. Lauren is the definition of a genuine soul.


Ariella was a friend who was four years younger, but I didn’t care. She was mature for her age and we got along great! She really knew how to carry herself and she was talented but not arrogant. She always listened to me and gave me really great advice and I will always cherish the talks we have had. Jenaya was my really fun and spontaneous friend. I would call her Gigi and she would call me Coco. Together we were a force that could not be stopped. We would always joke that someday we would take over the world. I remember we would harmonize together and twerk outside during chorus class. She gave me so much confidence in myself that I never knew I could have.


These people were my high school friends and still are my friends. I had many other friends in high school but most of them I don’t talk to anymore. I was going through a hard time in high school and many of my friends were taken aback by it which was understandable and so we stopped speaking to each other. However, I am not upset at this at all because I have so many amazing friends today. My newest friends include: Jazzy, Tay, Cass, Jake, Cole, Haley, James, Claire, Andrew, Kaela, Angie and so many others. I even made a new friend tonight named Sarah. I will talk about these friends later but that is a post for a whole other time.


The point is, these friends I have talked about have shaped me into the person that I am today. I am stronger because of the friendships that have helped me through so many struggles. Without these people in my life I wouldn’t be where I am right now. So if you are reading this and you are one of those people, thank you for being there for me and loving me no matter what. I really don’t know what I did to deserve such an amazing group of friends but I am so thankful that you have made a mark on my life and have changed me for the better!


Until next time -Lola